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Black Tibetan Mastiff Beautiful Puppy

Massive Red Tibetan Mastiff Puppy with Elephant Feet

White Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Three Years Old Healthy

Little Black Tibetan Mastiff Pup in Action

Light Brown Tibetan Mastiff Puppy in Funny Mood 

Black Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Saying Hello to Audience

Tibetan Mastiff Angry Video

Angry Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff in Angry Mood, Tibetan Mastiff Angry Video,
You have never seen these giant breeds of Tibetan Mastiff Dog. See how these giant massive dogs show their power and strength. These two dogs are heavy against a Lion in fighting. These dogs are uncontrollable when they hyper. In this video you could see the different breeds of Tibetan Mastiff Dog in Angry Mood. Tibetan Mastiff looks like Bear, Lion and Wolf, all these breeds are giant and massive.

Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Sold for 2 Million US Dollars

Golden haired beautiful Tibetan Mastiff became world's most expensive dog breed. A golden-haired Lion Blood Tibetan mastiff puppy has reportedly been sold in China for a whopping $2 million (equivalent of 1.44 million euro), potentially making it the world's most expensive dog.
Tibetan Mastiff Puppy, World's Most Expensive Dogs, Lion Blood Tibetan Mastiff

A property developer paid the amount for the one-year-old golden-haired mastiff at a “luxury pet” fair in the eastern province of Zhejiang on Tuesday, fetching 12 million yuan ($1.95 million), according to AFP, which cites a report in Chinese newspaper Qianjiang Evening News.
The breeder Zhang Gengyun, who sold the puppy to a property developer, is reported to have told the paper that the mastiff had "lion's blood and top-of-the-range mastiff studs" and that a similar dog had sold for 6 million yuan.

The hound was 80 centimeters (31 inches) tall, and weighed 90 kilograms (nearly 200 pounds), according to Zhang, who said the breed to could be compared to "nationally treasured pandas" – hence the high price.
Enormous and sometimes ferocious, with round manes lending them a passing resemblance to lions, Tibetan mastiffs have become a prized status symbol among China’s wealthy, sending prices skyrocketing.

16 Interesting Facts About Tibetan Mastiffs

16 Interesting Facts About Tibetan Mastiffs
Tibetan Mastiff Facts, Dogs Facts, 16 Interesting Facts About Tibetan Mastiffs, Facts about Tibetan Mastiff,

1. They Guard Like Their Life Depends On It
Look closely and you will fall for the kind teddy bear expression on the face. Don’t be fooled two Tibetan Mastiff‘s together can take down a lion.

2. They Are Very Territorial Dogs and Mark It Nice and Clear
When it comes to strangers they can be very thick headed and will not budge, no matter what. Females are more ferocious then males.

3. Key To Their Happy State Of Mind Is Helping Them Develop A Set Of Socialization Skills
Please do not get them home if you can’t spare time to train them in socialization.

4. They Are Happier Indoors During The Day
This makes us think they are lazy and dumb. But they are actually saving energy for their night patrol. Patrolling in the night is their inherent trait.

5. In Most Cases The Body Is Longer Than Taller
They are light footed and have a slow and deliberate trot. The eyes are those of an old man with all the wisdom of this world.

6. They Have A Very Heavy Coat Around The Neck And Shoulders
They sometimes resembles like a lion sleeping, from far away. The under coat gets very heavy in winters and shrinks in summer. It is the perfect machine to handle all extremes of weather.

7.They Have Always Been Solitary Animals
A new trend has been seen in the last century of keeping them as dogs of companion. They are very independent, strong headed and difficult to budge if they set their head on something.

8. Overly Devoted To the Family and Great with Kids
But they need to let down their guard a little with other children visiting the family.

9. Generally, No Other Dog Messes With Them
They tend to be less aggressive too towards the lesser dogs. They don’t trouble other pets at home. Don’t trouble them and they won’t trouble you back. Simple!

10. Children At Home Need To Be Taught To Be Respectful Of A Tibetan Mastiff
They cannot violate his “dog space “. You cannot put your hands into his bowl or invite him to eat from your plate. Stick to clear cut instructions. Don’t confuse him and the kids.

11. Knack Of Killing Birds
The birds in your neighborhood might boycott you after you get a Tibetan Mastiff home, as they have a special affinity for chasing, catching and killing birds, no matter what kind.

12. Don’t Ever Mistake Them to Be Little Intelligent
They understand it all and get your commands too. But, if they will comply with it immediately or not is a matter of their free will. They have been bred to take quick decisions on their own for centuries, they’re not going to give that up now.

13. They Don’t Like To Be Out In the Night and Will Keep Barking and Wake Up The Neighbors
By being firm with them they learn to be tolerant and always willing to please the owner. Let them know whose the boss at home, or they might want to teach you a thing or so about authority.

14. Exercise Them Regularly To Avoid Boredom
Nobody minds some fresh air. And no matter how much you train, you have to fence your property if you want him inside it. Or else he will leave at the first chance he gets to explore the world on his own.

15. Brush Their Abundant Coat At Least Twice A Week and During Shedding Daily
They are great companions for people suffering from allergies. Introduce him to many people, take him to places, situations, and broaden his horizons. This in turn will turn him into a reliable and well adjusted dog.

16. When You Bring Them Home, You Bring Love and Affection for Many Years
TDo-Khyi or Tsang Khyi or Ipoo as they are called in Tibet and other languages, are like bringing home your own guardian angel, to be protected and loved for many years to come.


Red Tibetan Mastiff
Most Expensive Dog in the World

Red Tibetan Mastiff, Most Expensive Dog, Biggest Dog Breed, Tibetan Mastiff Pictures
Biggest Red Tibetan Mastiff

Red Tibetan Mastiff
Most Expensive Dog Breed

Red Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff Pictures, Most Expensive Dog, Biggest Dog Breed,
Biggest Red Tibetan Mastiff

Nestled in the foothills of the snow-capped Qilian Mountains of Asia can be found the rarest and most exquisite breed of dog in the world - the White Tibetan Mastiff. Also known to the villagers as “Snow Lions”  or "Lion Head Chinese Dog", these primitive, massive and noble guardians accompanied women and children as they traversed the ancient trade route known as the Silk Road, passing by Buddhist Grottoes on the way to trade their wares.

White Tibetan Mastiff breed is very rare and expensive. You are so lucky if you got the puppies of White Tibetan Mastiff because Snow Lions Breed is very rare and not easily available for sale. The most beautiful dog White Tibetan Mastiff puppies price is $2500 USD. And the Biggest White Tibetan Mastiff Price is $582,000 USD.

White Tibetan Mastiff Biggest Dog Breed - Looks Like Lion

Lion Head, Looks Like Lion, Expensive Dog Breed. Tibetan Mastiff

White Tibetan Mastiff - Dog looks like Lion

Tibetan Mastiff Grooming - All steps

Tibetan Mastiff Grooming at Home - All Steps
Tibetan Mastiff Grooming, Dog Grooming All steps, Mastiff Dog Grooming, Pet Grooming,

Show Grooming Tibetan Mastiff Part 1

Conditioning Coats on heavy coated breeds
Testing bath water for pH and its importance
Fixing dry dull coats
Bathing techniques for heavy coated breeds

Show Grooming Tibetan Mastiff Part 2

Drying technique
Hydrating coats
Texture Crystals
Creating the Show finish on coats  

 Show Grooming Tibetan Mastiff Part 3

Show grooming Tibetan Mastiff
Grooming front feet